Air Purifiers


Carmen's proudly carries IQAir® brand Room Air Purifiers and Whole-House Systems!

For over 45 years, IQAir has remained at the cutting edge of indoor air purification. Started by two German brothers in the early 60s, we are today an international, Swiss-based industry leader in the field of hygiene air purification. When clean, healthy indoor air is of the essence; IQAir is able to provide air purification solutions that are highly effective and yet affordable.

IQAir's innovative strength stems from conducting its own R&D and manufacturing. This, by today's standards, rare approach has led to products that continually set new standards in performance, style and quality.

IQAir air purifiers can also be installed directly into your home through your HVAC system! Please contact us if you would like to speak to a consultant about home installation.